The Gentek RainAway Aluminum Rain Carrying System is more than an investment in good looks. It�s an investment in protection from potential damage by rain and melting snow. With Gentek RainAway in place, water is effectively carried away from your home before it can spill over and damage foundations and basements.

    Built of corrosion-resistant aluminum, the Gentek RainAway System will not rot, rust or warp. A tough, baked-on paint finish resists flaking, peeling and blistering to give you years of service with very little maintenance. All it takes is an occasional washing to restore your RainAway System to its original beauty.

    Best of all, you don�t have to be a professional to install the Gentek RainAway System. Interlocking aluminum components make it easy for you.

    The Gentek RainAway System is available in a full array of colours, including those in our Colour Clear Through program.

    A Sectional Gutter (eavestrough) 4" or 5"
    B Outside Mitre (for corners)
    C Inside Mitre (for corners)
    D Elbows (for downpipe)
    E Downpipe
    F End-caps (for gutter)
    G Outlet Tube (to connect gutter and downpipe)
    H Spikes and Ferrules
    I Fascia Bracket (5" gutter only)
    J Gutter Bracket
    K Slip Joint Connectors (5" gutter only)
    L Pipestraps (to secure downpipe to wall)